One of the questions we often get asked is: What are Grillo kitchens made from? Watch the video below as we take you on a deep dive on which materials we use, and they ‘why’ behind our choices.

Grillo Outdoor Kitchen Materials

Carbon Steel

Grillo outdoor kitchens are primarily constructed from heavy-gauge carbon steel, with a beautifully textured outdoor grade coating for protection from the elements.

All carbon steel parts are put through rigorous testing to ensure they’re strong, robust and function well, see below.

Product Testing

To ensure your Grillo kitchen will perform and look good for many years, we put all parts through a rigorous testing program using a lab that tests for the automotive industry.  Using the same process that car manufacturers use, parts of the kitchen are put into a salt spray chamber for 1,000 hours for extreme corrosion testing. In addition, the “Florida test” exposes parts to constant high UV and intense sunlight, combined with varying cycles of temperature and humidity. The tests run like this 24/7 month after month, and ensures the coatings don’t fade – even in countries where there is very high UV.

Porcelain worksurfaces

The worksurfaces are made from highly durable porcelain. In addition to being immensely strong, they are stainproof, weatherproof, scratchproof, and non-bleaching. The secret to their strength and durability is how they are made: compacted under immense pressure in a form, and then fired in kilns where the temperature is slowly increased to 1200–1400 degrees Celsius.  We then have them precision cut to size, to fit perfectly into our cabinets. The edges are then polished, and finally a small bevel is ground into the top edge to finish them beautifully. And unlike regular porcelain, we have full body colour running through the whole worktop.

A timeless and neutral finish

We looked very carefully at what material would be right for an outdoor kitchen worksurface, bearing in mind it needed to stand up to both the elements and a good party! The Grillo porcelain worktops are perfect for food preparation, without any worry of scratching or staining.

The surface is a timeless, neutral, concrete-looking finish, designed to blend in anywhere – regardless of the style of your property.

Iroko hardwood

Solid iroko hardwood is inlaid throughout the kitchen, creating a beautiful contrasting seam.

Iroko wood is stable, solid and durable.  Highly robust and resilient, it offers strength and stability due to its interlocking grain, ideal for outdoor applications.

You can see how thick and solid the hand finished timbers are and how beautifully they contrast with black carbon steel.

A touch of natural beauty

Being a natural product, every piece is unique and full of character and like Cedar will naturally silver with age. Rich resins at the heart of Iroko wood offer natural protection against damage caused by pests and weathering, so it does not require specific preventive treatments or continuous maintenance. See our blog, Iroko timber care for more information.

3 year warranty

Much like a car, Grillo outdoor kitchens are covered by a 3 year warranty. Nobody wants to fall back on using warranties though – rest assured the kitchens are designed to last for much longer than that! Read more about our warranty here.

Grillo Care Kit

To help you keep your Grillo in tip-top condition, we supply a Care Kit as standard. This includes our recommended cleaning products, as well as Grillo touch-up paint for if a mishap causes a scratch or chip in the coatings. Read more.

Built British.
Built Strong.

It had to be bold. It had to be beautiful. And it had to be built strong. Our designers found a way to prove the point.


Design Choices

With options on door fronts, feature walls, and rear fascia designs, Vantage can be customised to match your own tastes and styles. Turn your al-fresco kitchen into a stunning visual centrepiece for your garden! See the Vantage design choices below:

Vantage kitchens even look stunning from the back. Choose between the minimalist ‘Signature’ and the patterned ‘Habitat’ panel for a more contemporary feel.

Our diverse range of Feature Walls choices enable you to personalise and dramatically alter the appearance of your kitchen. Eight options available.

Want a more sleek and enclosed look to your kitchen? Vantage Carbon Steel doors come with slim stainless steel handles and smooth-close gas hinges.

An Aussie Garden Designer’s take…

We sat down with Tim Horner, an Aussie garden designer who has lived and worked in Great Britain for 25 years. Tim has been using Grillo in his projects for 5 years – watch the full video below.