Grillo Outdoor Kitchen | Layout L0620

Grillo Outdoor Kitchen | Layout L0620:$21,485.00
AU Mainland Installation: (Find out more)$1,500.00
Total (inc. VAT):$22,985.00

$21,485.00 (inc GST)

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Behold the beautiful iroko hardwood highlights with the L0620 outdoor kitchen. Similar in design to S0570, this kitchen benefits from the addition of bar seating on an L-shaped return. The design showcases a number of classic Vantage features, whilst leaving plenty of worktop space for food prep or serving drinks.

L0620 Features

  • Bar Table with 2 Vantage Blaze barstools, and Habitat rear fascia
  • Foliage Planter
  • Cabinet with Ebony Storage Crates, and Iroko Shelf feature wall
  • Bull Outlaw Gas BBQ Station, with Porcelain feature wall
  • Cabinet with Carbon Steel Doors, with Iroko Insert & Toolrail feature wall
  • Stainless Tool Rail
  • Signature rear fascias

Please note: Our trained installers will build and install your kitchen on site on a day of your choice – read more about the costs here.

This is a pre-designed outdoor kitchen that you can order online, or just use for inspiration. Want to configure your own? head to the Vantage online Configurator.

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