Grillo E-Showroom

We are super excited to reveal our brand new Grillo E-showroom! Please have a browse of our outdoor kitchen layouts below and immerse yourself in Grillo Living.

Alternative Options

Online Design Consultation

Need help designing an outdoor kitchen? You can now book an online meeting with our design team!

Using our industry industry-leading 3D outdoor kitchen configurator, we’ll simply talk through your space and design your kitchen with you there and then, on the screen. Once we’re done, you’ll get an instant price, and you can take the design away and continue modifying it to your heart’s content. Click below to book in a chat.

Request a sample pack

The Grillo sample pack is a perfect replica of our three main materials: Carbon steel, Iroko timber and porcelain worktops. If all you need to do is touch/feel the product, this may be a great way to keep things moving. Simply fill in the form on this page, and the sample pack will be sent out straight away – typically within 1-2 working days.

Where can I see Grillo?

See us at our showrooms in Melbourne or Sydney, book a free online design consultation, or request a sample pack. You choose!