Outdoor kitchen in Oxshott, Surrey

Teamwork makes the dream work, as they say. And what a dream; this is the acme of a Surrey suburban townhouse garden. The team behind the teamwork of this masterpiece in Oxshott, Surrey, are Raine Garden Design Ltd, Bushy Business Ltd, Hampshire Garden Lighting, and Forest Eyes Photography. Everywhere you look, some new artful detail demonstrating their collective expertise hits you. The beautiful and tasteful selection of materials. The very mature, regimented pleached beech hedge. The harmoniousness of the zoning; tidy yet so varied and interesting. The ancient olive, dating back to the reign of Victoria. The warmth and depth afforded by the layered lighting. The seamless extension of the Home from inside to out; because in this dream, the garden is Home as much as the house is.


Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire
Dunholme, Lincoln
Chelsea, London