Average parties happen in average backyards.

There is really nothing more frustrating than constantly running back and forth from the kitchen to the BBQ, missing half the chat, juggling trays and balancing plates on rickety tables. Average parties happen in average backyards. But we’ve got the solution.

Outdoor kitchen layouts starting from $10,485 inc. GST

Customer Thoughts

We know you’d rather hear it from them, so here’s what our customers think! Watch Dawn’s take in her kitchen, or hit the buttons below to browse all of our customer projects or read customer reviews from Trustpilot.


Our customers buy experiences.

We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners transform their backyards from dull areas to outdoor living areas where experiences and memories are made. We’re on a mission to abolish dull backyards, trolley BBQs and average parties.

Homeowners and garden designers...

What do they say?

Kate Gould, Garden Designer, UK.

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Clients love to barbecue. It’s as simple as that, and Grillo is a great brand that can be customised and configured to suit individual needs. The heart of the home is the kitchen. Perhaps it’s the same in the garden?

Gavin, Sydney.

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Thanks Grillo! Brillant website, informative communication and streamlined install. I am so happy to have a TRULY outdoor kitchen that doesn’t need a cover!! Plus the quality, looks and feel of the kitchen puts it in a league of its own. 100% recommended.

Tristan Welch, Head Chef at Parker’s Tavern.

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This Grillo barbeque certainly has the appearance of a sturdy wrestler, but it’s got the finesse of a ballerina.

Michael Herman, Wildacres Air BnB, Blue Mountains.

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Our guests are LOVING the outdoor kitchen! … The quality of the product is way above most other outdoor kitchen products and it looks modern and neat. It is the old story of you get what you pay for! I have no hesitation in recommending Grillo products. 

Tim Horner, Garden Designer, UK.

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My message about Grillo for anyone in Australia thinking about buying an outdoor kitchen, is if they’re looking for quality check out Grillo. Their kitchens are great!

Fran Elliot, Melbourne.

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Great service, Steve has been amazing – looking forward to using this fabulous product!

Built British.
Built strong.

It had to be bold. It had to be beautiful. And it had to be built strong. Our designers found a way to prove the point.





3D Online Configurator

Design your kitchen now!

Check out the Grillo configurator, where you can design your own Vantage outdoor kitchen just how you like it – from the comfort of your own home!

See your kitchen in 3D, and in photo-realistic detail, then use AR on your smartphone to view it in your space.

The Jones’ envy

Next time you invite the Joneses round for a party, you’re going to feel at the very top of your game. Don’t go another summer without having the outdoor kitchen that everyone wants to party in.

You and your garden were meant for more.


The Grillo’d Series is here! Set in the Grillo outdoor kitchen, dedicated to food, fire and outdoor theatre. Get ready to watch us cook up a storm with exciting guests, and bring the spirit of Grillo straight to your kitchen.